Friday, December 19, 2008

i had no idea two year olds were this much fun. after months of internet silence, thanks to not having internet and therefore being forced into silence- that will stand as my opening sentence. toddlers are hilarious; little creatures of endless humor, some of which, i presume only a parent or bill cosby could appreciate. then again, who in there right mind wouldn't think instances such as going in to check on ones toddler suppose to napping and instead finding him in different clothes on with shoes on and a hat on dancing on the bed while singing a mary poppins song isn't something to chuckle about. because it is. it totally is. i wish i could bottle this age up and save it for when he is a teenager and wants nothing to do me. that is when i would pull my bottle of Toddler 2008 down from the wine rack and pour myself a drink of sudden discoveries accompanied with shrills of excitement and big hugs accompanied with "i'm happy mommy" whispered in my ear. he really did say that while i was hugging him the other day, he said it softly and as it entered my ear i knew he meant it to be meaningful and loving. i almost died.

and all that, and then the newest one, truman, who might be the best baby on the planet. and i thought conrad as an infant took the awesome cake, but well, truman is amazing. happy and easy going, mellow and, yes jeremy, he is a tad serious at times. as of a few days ago all he wants are those adorable little toes of his stuffed in his mouth. oh that and gobs of my hair clinched in his fists. he falls from perfection however when the clock strikes 1am and then again at 4am, that is when he dares to make hungry fussy noises, and fussy noises and not crying mind you because crying is something truman doesn't really do unless conrad makes his "ferocious duck" noise. and seriously, apart from that the kid loves to smile and ga ga goo goo and lie or sit where ever i put him while i do what i need to do. he makes this having two kids thing a piece of cake. awesome cake.

that is the summary of the past few months, in the fine print there is a bit about conrad being potty trained in A day, like singular, as in one day. crazy. and it wasn't how the books told me to do it, in fact had i followed the experts advice i'd still be waiting for conrad to be "ready". instead last friday morning i took off conrad's diaper, cleaned his butt, and to his protest told him when he needed to go pee pee or poop he would need to do it on his little potty. as mentioned, he pleaded with me for a diaper, even chasing me around the house holding one- however, i kept to my guns insisting to him he could totally do it and when he did the heavens of sugar would open. and he did, and has since that morning. although the little buger figured out that if he could draw out a pee at five different intervals he would a piece of candy each time, so after two days of pumping him full of skittles and malt balls, we changed the rules to pee pee getting stickers and the poop the candy. it seems holding your crap in is a lot more challenging.

gosh, it seems like there is soooo much more i should remember. but i'm kind of drawing a blank right now. lets see. conrad is 28 months and truman 4 months old. conrad loves race cars and reading books, in particular, A Day On The Farm and Corduroy and The Three Little Pigs and Bear Feels Sick and The Fuzzy Little Duckling and Pigsty and Peter Rabbit. i think it's interesting at how he gravitates and chooses the classics over some of the newer books, even though like how in the Three Little Pigs the wolf eats two of the main characters and how in Peter Rabbit Mr. McGregor eats the main characters father. for christmas i got him Charlottes Web and i'm super excited at starting a chapter book with him. his attention span with books is extraordinary for his age, though i won't be surprised if attempting a book like Charlottes Web is too soon. truman however is more interested in eating his soft books right now.

well now that i've done this perhaps i can get to writing our stories as they happen instead of poorly hashing out the essence of their collective memory.


Des said...

So you have internet again??? I miss your blogs AND you!

KimDoll said...

so happy to see you're back! i just love hearing about conrad and now truman!! i am totally game for your bottling up this age idea. i think i could OD on it sometimes. its so grand. i'm going to miss it so much once it's gone.

LIZZY said...

its great to see what i have in store for me in this next year of dutch's life. i am so glad you are back 'on' and looking forward to reading more.