Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ho ho snow

i really tried to do christmas cards this year. i picked up a catalog from kinkos, bought christmas clothes for the pictures- we even went to the mall and forced our children to sit on a stranger's lap, which conrad was quite pissed off about. but two days till and i have nothing but a bad jpg to show for it. discussing this with a friend, a mother of two, i was relieved to hear that when her two kids were at the age juncture of mine, she too never got to it that year. maybe, hopefully, possibly, but probably not, i'll send out a new years card.

tomorrow morning we're heading out to salem, a three hour drive north. last night jon's dad called to warn us that they have 18 beautiful inches of snow and we best pack man vs wild style just in case our car should get buried under an 18 inch avalanche and we have to drink our own urine to survive.

i can't say whether or not the rest of oregon is crazy, but here in medford they sure are. last week we had a few days of barely there snow- snow that melted as soon as it hit the ground, soon as the sun came up, soon as children started getting excited about making snowmen-and for like 3 days straight school was cancelled or post poned. give them a good rain storm and they start shitting bricks and doing their hail mary's. my first year here i experienced the craziness first hand when at the library and it started to rain more than a drizzle; i wasn't paying much attention to it, being from texas and being use to ignoring tornado warnings for the cause of lettuce wraps at chilis, i was taken back when i looked up from my book and saw everyone in the library glued to the giant windows that surrounded the back wall. i refrained from shouting out that everyone should get away from the windows and take shelter in the basement. i was afraid they would do it.

i'm not too worried about the snow. jon is going to buy snow chains tonight. plus, if we have to eat each other for survival, i'll be last thanks to my lactating breasts.


Des said...

Does it not snow a bunch in Medford? And I thought in Oregon it rained all the time? I am so confused by this post! My weather meter has been way off!

Missie Rose said...

i know. our weather had me scratching my head for years. the first year i was there all it did was rain that winter and was blazing hot that summer. i thought i moved to hell. the next winter was normal, some rain, some cold; summer was mild. every year is different though, i can't quite say yet what's normal. medford is in a valley and so typically we don't get as much rain as the rest of the northwest, and being in a valley, the winters are colder and the summers hotter. it's not you. it's the rogue valley.