Thursday, December 25, 2008

happy b'day Jesus

i'm officially hooked on christmas. we drove up yesterday afternoon in the rain and then finally, in the snow. after the best christmas eve dinner at jon's aunts, we came back to his folks house. conrad opened his christmas jammies and wanted to change into them right there on the spot and then put the snow boots i bought him yesterday for this trip back on-he has been wearing them since i pulled them out of the shopping bag, even requesting to wear them to bed and in the bath. the two of us cuddled up on the chair next to the roaring fire and read "The Night Before Christmas". after reading the book we got cookies and a glass of milk for santa and put it next to the fireplace then went upstairs and said goodnight.

watching conrad open his presents has made the day even more magical. at first he opened slowly, playing with each thing as if it was the only thing, but half way through it he finally began to get it. tearing into each festive wrapped package, ohhhing and ahhing. though when he tore into his Wall-E toy- a toy he has been eyeing at blockbuster for months now, and even though it's been out of the store for awhile now, every time we go there he wants to go look for it- at first sight of what was inside, he let out a loud WALL-E!!!!

after presents conrad and i got a cookie sheet from gramma and went outside to sled down the hill; we threw snowballs at one another-i just want to say it's a lot harder than it should be not to peg your own kid has hard as you know you can-made snow angels till our clothes were damp and our noses wet.

now truman is sleeping and everyone has gone back over to aunt ruth's for the roast beast.

i've had so much fun this holiday season making gingerbread men and snowflakes that we hung in the window and driving around looking at christmas lights in the ghetto (they're better there. both jon and i agree: the tackier, the better) and drinking hot cider while watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation that i think i'm going to prolong christmas for a few more weeks.

merry chistmas.

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