Wednesday, July 30, 2008

38 weeks and 3 days pregnant, and almost, so very close, to being completely moved in.

saturday morning jon woke up and the first thing he did, according to him albeit, was pick up a box i had packed the night or the past few NIGHTS before and walk it out to the uhaul. that sort of 'get it done' pace didn't end, and in a way, hasn't yet ended till maybe now.

i was almost certain i was going to wake up moving day and go into labor and we were going to be totally screwed but baby truman is already demonstrating how agreeable is by giving us some time to adjust into our new home. or "newy" as conrad refers to it. their are a few boxes here and there-one in the bathroom, a few out on the back deck, and one in the living room-that need unpacked, and yes, resting against the bookshelf are half a dozen framed pictures that need to be hung, but otherwise, i mean we have gang banged this move.

like with the past house, we once again have more room than we know what to do with. seriously, jon was home this morning and it took me like fifteen minutes to find him. it is a three bedroom but with two large bonus rooms and a huge dining room, living room. fireplace. large front porch, back deck. two story. there is so much space that is just begging me to fill it. so far, i love this house. i love all it's charm and the beautiful fully fenced back and front yard. i even like our neighbors.

our old neighborhood was definitely, hands down, better; we're back over in the 501 side of town, but our street is nice, a little pocket of old bigger homes with beautiful lawns and no crazy lady next door to randomly walk into our back yard to blow bubbles with conrad. and to think we're only paying $25 more a month for it!

the only draw back thus far are the curtains downstairs. i thought we might be able to do some curtain juggling and get those God awful ugly things out of sight, but the rods their on are only for pull curtains, though i doubt that's the word for them, and to re-place 4, 10 foot wide window curtain rods is like more money than we have. so on they stay till either i score at a yard sale or we decide we don't need to eat for two weeks. either one.

this house definitely feels like a home. and i definitely feel like a 38 week pregnant women who just moved into it.


Des said...

OMG 38 weeks pregnant and moving... that makes me get a hemmroid just thinking about it...

Michelle said...

I need pictures of the new place!!!! Can't wait to visit you guys and see it.

LIZZY said...

i agree with michelle, pictures!!!
so good to see you back on your blog. I miss my daily update.