Monday, July 21, 2008


today, or at least right now, might not be the best time to write about the inexplicable joy that occurred two years, and one day ago today. or how every day i wake up and think to myself how bitch slapping lucky i am to be conrad's mommy, and how there could be no absolute hell frozen over way that he could be any cuter or any more precious than the previous day, and of course, the moment i lay eyes on his crazy bed head and sleepy eyed face i'm flabbergasted because of course somehow in the middle of the night he managed to get even cuter and sweeter and more lovable. it never seems possible but he always is, and does.

though to write about these things right now i'm having to strain, because he is a two year old and like two year olds he has his moments, unfortunately, just moments ago we had a moment: him with a butt smeared in crap trying to kick me and twist violently as i attempted to wipe him, and after a few swats on the ass and a clean diaper put on, he resisted the tucking into nap time by standing up in his bed in defiance and hitting me. this revolt against nap time isn't anything new, last week i think he only napped once. however, the days where no sleep occurred were days he spent back there happily playing in and destroying his room without such angst as today. who knows why today he's a little more grrrrr. i doubt even conrad knows.

but yes, yesterday was conrad's 2nd birthday. we celebrated last sunday when all jon's family was in town so when yesterday rolled around we decided to take it chill; first thing that morning we surprised conrad with a train table and train set i super scored on craigslist with and practically had an aneurysm trying to put together the night before-i don't think people with two functioning sides of the brain should have such a hard time connecting train pieces and yet i did. we went to the donut shop for breakfast, conrad and jon went to the park while i took a mid-morning nap to recoup from all the brain energy exerted the night before putting together the train set, and then from there on out it was hanging out at the house, playing in the sprinklers, finger painting, walking around the block with daddy, pizza, and nemo.

i use to try and blog about all conrad's changes and developments, but there is no way unless i tape a key board to my chest and log around the pc on a leash behind me, i can possibly keep up with him anymore. who he is and is becoming grows and blossoms on a daily basis. the words, the physical accomplishments, the concepts, the quirks, the personality traits....holy cow, it's dizzying.

at two years old he already has such a grasp on comedy and humor. which is obviously loads of fun for everyone but it also makes disciplining him quite challenging as he views the world through these silly goggles where everything and anything is a joke, even spankings and threats of sending teddy bear to be the new host on the View if he doesn't shape up. and yet amidst that too silly for his own good disposition lies this super lovey dovey who understands the power of a hug, the intimacy of a kiss, the quelling affect of a snuggle with mommy.

put him in a room with every cool new toy, cookies, kids his own age laughing and playing, and a dog and conrad will go directly to the dog. and after a few minuets of being with that dog he will have mastered every wag and pant and bark of said dog, then for the next few days following he will still be calling out the dogs name in hope said dog comes galloping up to him and knocks him down and slobbers all over his face. conrad is a serious dog person. and if it wasn't written out so clearly in our lease agreement i swear even though i'm 9 months pregnant yesterday conrad and i would have gone out and gotten a puppy for his birthday.

the most striking thing about conrad these days is this Monkey See Monkey Do stage. i mean he mimics EVERYTHING! from the way i sit in a chair to the way jon holds his cup. EVERYTHING! at times it's quite flattering and other times it's a wake up call to how i project myself to him. for example, the other day conrad brought it to my attention how ridiculous i look when i sigh out of frustration.

i'm more than excited for 2 to 3. i know this year will have some challenges, but so far, and i'm crossing my legs since i can't cross my fingers as i type...or can i, nope, all the frustrations are happily out weighed by all the amusement and wonder of this age. i LOVE hearing him yell out WOW as we go over a huge bridge, or watch him giggle profusely because dogs ears twitch when you blow into them. daily, hourly he is allowing and embracing life to awe him, and being around that just isn't humbling, it's infectious.


Kim said...

i couldn't have said it better. i second the challenges, the frustration, the joy, the awe, the changes and the speed at which they occur.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Conrad.
And happy 2nd birthday to you too, Missie (and Jon).

Des said...

I loved this blog. See that's what I like about blogs. It's record keeping, it's historical reference. And the coolest is one day Conrad gets to sit down and read about how you felt about him at 2 years old. It's really fantastic!
Being a mom is such a ride, one that I never want to get off of! :)

Michelle said...

I cannot believe how much he has grown since I saw him last. It really has been too long and I miss you guys so much!

Happy Birthday Conrad!

Missie Rose said...

i really should do more motherly journalistic blogs. hmmmm.

LIZZY said...

amazing to learn what i have to look forward to. owning my own little man already showing a sense of humour and a strong will... hmmm, keep me posted. :)