Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Check Out My Beard

i was planning on doing this tomorrow, tomorrow when silence and empty space are scheduled to return back to our currently chaotic and full house. but the opportunity is here now: the in laws left this morning back for salem and with them a flurry of activity 9 year old nephew plus random bags full of quilts and paper products, jon's brother and his wife are out for the afternoon at the river, jon is watching tv instead of hogging the computer with his new flight simulator addiction, and that little flurry of activity of my own, well conrad is napping. thus leaving me completely bewildered with the stillness and quietness and chance to catch up on the past two weeks of Internet activity.

quite alot has happened since the last time my fingers graced this key board i am currently gracing. conrad got sick. we went to salem. a bunch of sweet old ladies from dianna's church attended a baby shower for truman. i got sick. jon got sick. we came home. i finally got good sleep and got better. conrad got better. jon got better. then jon hurt his knee and almost ended up under the knife to remove his bursa but instead he's been monitoring it and nursing it with frozen bags of corn and broccoli. and i'll insert the anxiety of not knowing what we were in for; for some time there jon's condition was potentially limb threatening and if we actually had finances to ruin it would have been that to...not to mention for a few days we were unsure if jon would be able to stay employed and all this occurring at week 35 of my pregnancy with a full house of people to clean up after and sometimes make lunch for or dinner for with an impending move right around the corner and a 2nd birthday party i was trying to plan and implement. but all is ok now-jon's knee just might need more time to heal itself and it's not infected and so the bursa doesn't need removed, and even if it did we found out yesterday we qualify for 100% financial assistance at the hospital. as for being badly pregnant, i've had gramma's and granpa's and aunts and uncles and cousin tristan to help out with conrad, i've also found my inner-inner-inner energy to keep the house clean while "hosting", and throwing a party for a very special toddler, and do some of the things jon usually helps me out with since all he can really do is bake veggies on his knee.

there has also been an ultra-sound in all that too. truman is growing just fine. so am i. at 36 weeks i measure 36 cm, weigh 121 lbs, and have a vagina that is ready to explode from the all the pressure. seriously. my poor vag.

as much as it has been a little much with all the motion and visitors, it has been awesome too. in fact i might slit holes in jeremy's and jessica's car tires tonight so they can't leave in the morning, or EVER. i'm very excited at the thought of jess getting all baby infested and moving back this way to push strollers in the park and drink tequila behind the slides with me. though i think she's more of a wine cooler girl. could be a little tricky to hide a wine cooler under our petty coats but we'll see.

conrad is just waking up and since it is 7pm i should do something about that thing people call Dinner.


Michelle said...

aaaaah and a sigh of relief. you're back! finally! glad to hear things are returning to normal and jon gets to keep his leg. oh, i still need your new address.

Des said...

First off, your kid sleeps till 7pm! and still goes to bed at a decent hour?? How the hell??

And 2nd, your 35th week of pregnancy just caused me to pop a hemmroid out of stress.

I'm glad life seems to be calming down.

PS. If I lived near you, I would SO drink tequila behind the slides, as long as it was Patron.

LIZZY said...

glad to see you are back! if i'm ever around salem, come find me, i probably have a flask of something or other hiding in some pocket of my 'still carrying baby weight' temporary clothing. keep it up, you are aaaaaaaaaaaaalmost there!!!