Thursday, May 29, 2008

entirely uninteresting unless you've been there too

if money grew on trees, or jon was a doctor, this is the stroller i'd be a complete idiot over. but seriously isn't she a beaut. completely infant to toddler capable, light weight, sporty, oh and yes, almost $1000. for about two months now i've been perusing craigslist, not too terribly serious, but wanting to know and see what's out there, if this is out there. so far, it's not. i'm also keeping my fingers crossed i come across a stellar infant car seat at a great price. i don't want to buy another shitty eddie bauer/graco-esque infant carrier for $50 only to be bargained down to sell it for $5 at my next yard sale; conrad was only in his for a few months, and i mean a few. i know some people get six or nine months use out of theirs but my little guy was so long that it was either face the roundabout (which i venture to state, that by the time we retire it-it will have been worth the $220 we paid for it) backwards or secure his legs to the back of the headrest with some fishing twine.

who knows though. this next one could be much more timely with his growth spurts and i could actually rationalize buying a new, poor quality, not worth the price tag, car seat. he could also cry all night, he could hate my breast milk, he could like being swaddled, and he could demand being carried instead of pushed.

conrad was such an easy going, awesome baby that i feel like i'm a first time mom all jittery with not knowing what to expect.

like what sort of double stroller i'll finally come to reality with.


Anonymous said...

1K for a freakin stroller, that's insane! I'm hoping craigslist comes through for you here Boo.


Kim said...

wow, this one looks fantabulous!! that'd be so awesome to find it on craigslist.

btw, i think its impossible for a baby to not like his mother's milk. god designed it so perfectly! but, i think its totally cool that you're still getting the first-time jitters the 2nd time around. all the excitement all over again! whatever happens, i know you and jon will be just as great with this one as you are with conrad.

Anonymous said...

how about ebay??


LIZZY said...

ha! yeah, i did that same thing. i set my heart on the very best (and typically most expensive) item (in this case it was a Stokke stroller - price tag $1099) and then realize there is no way on God's green earth I can justify to Zach spending a mortgage payment on a stroller for a kid who will probably only sit in it for 15 min at a time. sigh.

then of course i picked up the pieces of my wonderful imaginations of pushing my kid around in a stoller worth more than the car we just sold, faced reality and got the Britax stroller companion for my baby carrier. It looks cool, I guess, but it ain't no Stokke.