Wednesday, May 21, 2008

better for you than fries

in the parking lot of a mom and pops outdoor store right off west main street stands erect a twenty foot poorly crafted black bird. fittingly the store is named Blackbird and it is the sort of place you go when your covered in poison ivy and am jonesing for a giant bottle of Acnu, or your on your way out of town and forgot the water filter for your three day hike into the vast wilderness of southern oregon. every few months you can find a handful of workers changing out the blackbirds attire: during spring when medford comes a buzz with the impending annual Pear Blossom Run he sports a yellow marathon vest with the numbers 1111 on the back; in winter his beak is covered in a stringy white santa beard, and when fall rolls back around i venture to assume he will once again be in his halloween witch costume with a pumpkin under his wing. his changing attire is a visual calender, and i'm always amped when i drive by and find him holding his 10 foot fishing pole, for i know that can only mean one thing: the bird knows summer is practically here.

not that i need such a remainder anymore- this weekend we experienced a record breaking heat wave which resulted in rosy cheeks and stinky armpits all over the valley. but today cheeks and pits are back to normal. a tad overcast occasionally spilling chasms of sunlight onto the surrounding hills bursting with that florescent green only found in spring and a traffic light; with fields drowned in yellow and purple wild flowers driving from A to B is a lesson in colors and botony.

i've stopped to think what i'm writing about....birds. summer. colors. surely not.

maybe an introduction into the culture of medford, oregon where we decorate parking lot eye sores based on seaons and 5ks.

i had things to share. like the story out today about the creator of nysnc and backstreet boys who has been sentenced to 25 years in prison. well not the story itself, but the picture of the guy responsible for envisioning such a circumstance that could send little girls into a feverish frenzy. a peevishly looking older man with a fat face and a look in his eyes that reminded me one of one of those characters in a tv drama about a child sex offender. i found the discovery to be highly amusing and unsettling.

and about american idol. how for the life of me i could think of nothing else last night but the ungodly amount of eyeliner ryan seacrest had on. oh! and about the "2007" line randy had that NOBODY seemed to catch. or maybe care. except me because i find such verbal blunders to be quite hilarious no matter what night of american idol it is, or if i'm in church and it's an alter call.

there is the story of conrad powdering his entire room while he was suppose to be napping. if i was thinking and not laughing out a lung at the time i surely would have taken a few pictures to post here. but time is pressing me to do a few things productive before that curious little man of mine wakes from his nap and demands i do everything he seems fit for me. even if that means mommy sit here and look that way, no that way, a tad more to the left. perfect. i love his crazy antics and exercises in dictatorship.

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abby said...

I REALLY enjoy reading what and how you write! Keep it up!!