Friday, August 08, 2008


i laid in bed last night, 3:30 am, debating whether or not to get up and blog about, what at the time appeared to be, the beginning of labor.

sometime around 11am my consistent 10min. contractions abruptly ended, and haven't been back since.

"false labor" is what they call it, though i like to refer to it as, "big effin tease". at this point i am a flurry of emotions: anticipation mixed with disappointment. for hours there we thought IT WAS HAPPENING, and as so, mentally, i began to amp myself. now, here i am about to end another day pregnant, a day i thought last night was going to be The Day. baby in arms. tummy deflated. tired. sore. thrilled.

tomorrow is my actual due date and while i'm quite aware only 5% of babies are born on their due date i'm hoping whole heartily, truman is one of them.

hope with me.


Des said...

OMG you are so having this baby like any second!

I want to be on a text list 469-878-4444

KimDoll said...

i DITTO the text list! mine or kevin's cell. puh-please! kevin told me about the false labor and i've been on pins and needles ever since. we're both thinking about you down here!

Michelle said...

I hoped all day long and checked my phone every couple of minutes. Here's hoping today is the day.