Monday, September 19, 2005

there was candle light and we owned the place. i never expected so many to show up, especially after last monday's bowling bust of fun. but indeed, one by one they trickled in dressed up, and, some, totting gifts. josh introduced himself as "a glimpse as my past" and admitted regretting not baking me a chettoo cake as i did for him nine years ago, stephanie passed me a little jeweled bag with the blue bird of happiness inside-- it was holds more sentiment value to her than a creative memories convention holds to a thousand housewives-- i'm honored to have it on loan; luanna was my wife for the night, micheal shared with me a bottle of serious barbaresco vino, i adorned a paris hilton engagement ring rip off, my lovely parents were there, and my darling sister made it all happen.

i thought i'd be going out in a bang, but it's occurred to me, more than anything, i'll be going out with enough love to last for all eternity.

next, spa day with the girls at the four seasons...bitches!

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Michelle said...

Im so thrilled it worked out so well. I cant believe your already gone... geesh. How are the mountains and em... pot?