Tuesday, September 06, 2005

here lies the challenge: the momentous task of catergorizing; of deciding; writing. really, when was the last time i wrote an entry of introspective and informative value? rhertorically, too long now to pick back up the allegorical torch and attempt a sprint around the track.

michelle is lying on the bed with my childhood cat, clover. we're in corpus christi visiting my parents. for me, this will be the last time i'll be down here till christmas. in 15 days the adventure begins. my belongings wait in a storage space, i've put in my two week notice, going away parties are being planned, and the thought of goodbye tears up my eyes.

still not too many people know about the move. just a few weeks ago i broke the news to my parents, just two weeks ago i tolled my boss and my co-workers, and just last night i wrote an email to an old friend about it all. in past plans it never panned out, and in the aftermaths i would feel like a talltale teller. first there was london. i was to transfer with the four seasons but after arranging everything with hr i realized how difficult it was to recieve a visa. then there was romania. i had issues corresponding with the lady who offered to host me. finally after numerous letters and emails i gave up. then there was austin. again with the four seasons. i can't remember what went awry with that effort but something in true anti-missie fashion did. colorado. bust. austin. i did it; i drove back every weekend to work because i couldn't find a job there. a few days after i broke my sublease and quit school, the four seasons and gingerman called me to tell me the finally had openings and, both, offered me a job. but it was a week to late to put in reverse the resolutions in motion. i had finally given up; i faced the cards life had delt me and had decided it wasn't that bad. dallas wasn't that bad.

now here we are- oregon bound. and this time around i have a traveling companion-jon. we have a plan, we have reasons, we have eachother.

my father is leaving for work and now michelle is asking me if i'll go to blockbuster with her. our time here has been well spent: body surfing notable gulf sized waves, bowling, my mothers deliciuos and healthy cooking, scrabble at the coffee shop, and, for myself, half of freakonomics read. but now, now, it's time to snuggle up on the sofa and let the night usher in the morning.


candy girl said...

oregon! i love oregon. it is a shame i'm no longer in seattle. and also that i no longer have a blog, which makes me feel like a comment-stalker, but i'm excited for you. i love the pnw and you will too.

but now i have one less person to visit in dallas. for shame! i was really going to think about going this year. ;)

Missie Rose said...

oh now your just teasing! were you really debating a dallas visit? for that i might have to come back for.

and yes, i noticed your blog, out of the blue left field, went missing. for awhile i thought there was a problem with my computer-that was until i was on a friends computer and attempted a quick fix with the previous dead end. in fact, until a recent ephinany concerning myspace, i was aghast at how i was to ever cross paths with you again. i even planned on seeing if you were writing on 5corners once again. :) oh the good ole days.

well, in the event your ever in the great southern part of oregon, please keep me in mind. i would, regardless of geography, love to share a bottle of wine with you sometime.

by the way, and most importantly, where in heavens have you moved to?

oh and please feel free to correspond with me via myspace if you would like.


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