Monday, January 13, 2014

Silver Linings: Sick Kids

We were on a roll. Weeks and weeks had gone by, and while our friends all around us dropped like flies, we were at the beach and Disneyland and enjoying blissful weather on picnic blankets at the park. Sickness, not around these parts...or so it seemed. Then there was Friday. Conrad woke up dizzy with a headache and a cough, but Dad insisted he go to school anyway because apparently I am known to talk my kids into staying home to rest and take it easy at the slightest hint of a sniffle.

Naturally, when I arrived to pick Conrad up from school, instead of finding him bouncing off the flag pole as usual, I found a kid who asked at upon seeing me to go home-he was tired. By the time we made it back to the apartment Conrad's rosy cheeks had turned crimson and whatever energy he had mustered up for the school day had completely dissipated into a blob of a sick child.  

By Saturday night Truman had succumbed to the traveling virus too. And my children who NEVER take naps both have been snoozing the daylight hours away, giving me loads of free day time, which if your a stay at home parent, you know is totally different than just plain ol' normal free time. 'Free day time' is a like getting a car for your sixteenth birthday but instead of getting on old clickety- clankety lemon, it's a cherry red 1974 Corvette with a license plate that reads, "DADS1GRL". To put simply, it's the bomb of free time. For the person who doesn't understand how there could be such a variance in free time awesomeness, let me explain:

The list of to-do's and demands is one without an end, but for whatever reason it peaks during the day when no one is around to see us juggle a dozen little balls of requests. And of course, this is also just happens to be the ideal time of the day for us to get our stuff done and when we have the best energy of the day. But due to the nature of the beast, we can never access these ideal hours of the day, instead we are granted (or demand) evening time to go out for drinks with the girls, spa treatments, shopping sprees.... Ok, that was clearly a joke, no, we routinely do get some time in the evening but are typically too tired to utilize it properly and let's face it, grocery shopping without the kids is a good enough treat for us to use that free time towards.

Sick kids do suck. It sincerely pains my heart to see by boys suffer and all miserable. If I could I would absolutely take it for them, and there is nothing in the world I wouldn't do to make them feel better or see to their quick recovery. But...on the bright side, free day time is pretty sweet, and since they're already sick, it would be a shame to waste it.

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Jen Freudenberg said...

Hey, Missie! I love your blog! I am sorry the boys are sick, but I had a "free day" myself last Wednesday when Kyle first got sick and napped for most of the day... He's still kind of under the weather, even though it has been almost a week already. Bleh. Oh, well. Guess no Dad and Edna's tomorrow for anyone!