Friday, January 10, 2014

New Blog (literally), Renewed Vows

Back this summer I decided I was going to start a new blog. The objective of this blog wasn't anything too interesting. I still don't have a secret identity that I'm dying to unveil. I haven't learned French. And I'm not about to concede my hand at poetry a public one-not now, not if a sloth ever really does become an astronaut, not ever. However, I did want to start a site solely designed for study of the Word of God, and for occasional devotionals. Of course, that was summer and I am just now assimilating all good intentions into something resembling course of action. The impetus behind this undertaking was, and is, both personal and impersonal; however, a recent request has propelled me into doing what I meant to do six months ago. I am quite level headed that this may not appeal to a single soul other than my own (and probably my parents), but I'd like to think that if there was someone else out there that was interested in knowing more about the Word of God, and could use a source of encouragement, that they would find this (humble) blog a place of interest. Many of the studies will be ones I have, or am currently doing myself, via BSF or Equip at Reality LA.

As for this blog, I hope to return to documenting the fascinating and often hilarious tales of motherhood and life as a displaced Texan in lovely Southern California.

As for the newbie, here is the link:

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