Tuesday, January 15, 2008

there is this constant sensation, the feeling of anxiety mixed with nausea. last week i was finally able to stay awake during conrad's nap and begin on my ever growing to-do list. one of those was "find out about health insurance during pregnancy", which is kinda like saying, "drink from a straw while standing on your head".
after much web searching, i finally was finally able to ascertain the reality that we. were. screwed. for those who have been in the same predicament you know HIPPA is a big joke. a real knee slapper.
when i first began the task i wasn't all that worried, after all, i wasn't insured when we found out i was pregnant with conrad. i had even gone to my first OB appointment without insurance; but unlike that time, this round jon's company has so benevolently taken away his health insurance, despite that being a huge factor in our decision to stay here instead of moving to salem. so while previously we had merely added me onto jon's company's group plan-something actually covered by HIPPA-this time around we were left to attain a private health care plan that accepts a previous condition.
fortunate to share we did find OMIP (oregon medical insurance pool) which has to provide-albeit for $276 a month-health insurance for those considered high risk and/or with a previous condition who make too much-please add a hahahaha-to be eligible for OHP or any other of those your real poor or a mexican so here is everything for free abbreviated plans. the stickler is we'll have to wait a 6 month waiting period in which we'll have to pay full price for all the prenatal care. in other words, if you know of anyone looking for a kidney or a liver i might know were you get one for a good price. meth too.
i've also been laid off/taken off the schedule. i think it has to do with the fact i'm pregnant and can't work the entirety of my shift because half of it is after the kitchen closes when everyone starts to smoke, but that is neither here or there. the thing is we rely on my income and now i have none, plus i'm pregnant and that is a hard sell to a future employer.
all that to say, i'm stressed. i'm in my first trimester and sick too.for a few weeks now i've been experiencing abdominal pain, similar to cramps, coupled with slight spotting. i'm sure it's nothing, though it's not helping with my stress levels.
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