Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i promise to do this only hardly ever.
perhaps it is my age, almost 30, becoming acutely aware of the world around me and how, no matter how much i wish it wouldn't, it affects me, or being a mother, and in doing so, being the inspector of everything Conrad might touch, smell, taste, hold, see, and do, of wanting to safeguard him against anything that might not coincide with his adorableness, that might cause him harm, object to his happy future, or maybe my world is just becoming small, and i have nothing better to focus on than this upcoming election. whatever the case may be, i am.
last night Conrad and i, after returning from target where we purchased every possible toddler necessity, turned on the television as we settled down to play with his mountain of toys. we hadn't watched anything since that morning, and in the morning, all i watch is the news. CNN was televising the n.h. primary, and Hillary Clinton was in the lead by just a few points.
of course, polling in, she won by 2%.
and here lies my disgust.
really?!? Hillary Clinton?!? that's who 39% of New Hampshire democrats think is the best candidate for running our great country of America...Hillary Clinton?!? i'm shocked and horrified people. i'll even repeat it, shocked and horrified!
if the democrats were smart, they'd put all their support and energy into Barack Obama. even me, a born and raised republican, wouldn't mind voting for him. in fact, if comes down to Obama and Romney i'll be more than happy to switch sides. really there aren't that many republican candidates i would vote for over Obama. Ron Paul, sure. maybe McCain. but for many undecided republicans and independents, the idea of that women in the oval office will bring the forces together for any other candidate. there is nothing about Hillary Clinton i find real, or admirable. nothing. she is a politician through and through. just the fact that she switched masks when she lost Iowa is proof. and for that matter all the other democratic candidates who decided to piggy back's Obama's message of change when they found out in the exit polls it was important. and as for experience? hasn't she been in the senate the same amount of time as Obama? is her experience in being the wife to a better than she politician? i've never understood that argument.
and barf me a new lung if i hear one more political analyst call her the "comeback kid" or refer to her n.h win as BIG. the win was meager: two points over someone two months ago was written off by all the pollsters and pundits. and comeback nothing? to comeback you had to have been a winner at some point. she placed third in Iowa, not second, not first. there is no coming back if you were never there.

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