Friday, June 22, 2007

i swear i must have the most precious child in the history of children. just a moment ago i was giving conrad a bottle(after eleven wonderful months of breastfeeding, my boobs are unfortunately fading) before putting him down for his nap-he laid in my arms, gazing up at me while reaching his free hand towards my face-for the past few weeks he has been incessant with pointing to things to hear what they are-and so, as he pointed his index finger to my facial features i, with a soft voice, began to rattle of their names: nose, eyes, mouth, chin, ears. then, i pointed to his nose and whispered nose, then to eyes, his mouth, his chin buried under the bottle, and then to his ears, and at the sensation of my finger in his ear, the worlds most adorable giggle came bellowing out. i repeated this several times, and several times he did that same exact giggle, drawing in closer as if to cling on to me for safety from my tickling finger.

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