Tuesday, June 12, 2007

i know, i know, "isn't he a little young for the park" you say. and sure, true he doesn't quite understand a slide is meant to be slid down, or that monkey bars aren't a snare for mommy to bang her head into, or for that matter, how to walk over to the swing set, but, in our defense, damn do we ever have a blast when were there.

this little girl Loved conrad and for awhile conrad was into her, that was until he discovred the playground floor was composed of wood chips that he could grap in handfuls. later this same little girl gave me daisies out of her undies, and was i to do except take them and put them in my hair.

no, those are not my green toe nails, as much as i'd like to lie and say i've moved on past clear nail polish, i haven't. nor have i yet to wear eyeliner or lipstick darker than nude. it is conrad's aunt jessica's snazzy toes and conrad wearing his sunglasses. this picture was insanely hard to take, as conrad was set on a. taking off his sunglsses and b. chasing me.

this is one of conrad's favorite games, he calls it "pull all the books out and then wait for mommy to put them back and pull them all out again". it's endless fun, literally.

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