Wednesday, April 13, 2005

now we're rolling

man can not live on peanut butter alone-though i wish he/me could. during the course of a typical day, it is safe to assume, that i consume 5-7 tablespoons of it: for breakfast, for snacking, and late at night as a post-dinner meal. i leave lunch and dinner #1 open for other sources of nutrition- a smoothie if i think i might be getting ill, or i just need to feel extra healthy; one of those vegatarian enchilida microwavable contrapictions; a cheese burger and fries from Jakks; or, something just totally off the radar if i've over done it with the above mentioned. i'm a creature of repitition. but this morning, an errant spirit came over me, and i, while the coffee brewed and the waffles toasted, i got out the butter, honey, and mixed berries. crazy, i know. being still early and blonde to the root, the precaution in checking to see if the neglected butter was still good or not went right over my head. as i sat on the living room floor with tiff watching either the weather channel or cnn(i can't really recall. we watch both.) and enjoying my colorful breakfast, i realized that something was wrong. and that something was my waffle.

waiting to throw up,
missie rose

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