Tuesday, April 12, 2005

i'm sitting here at the mecca of yuppieville: the smu bookstore, and looking around i'm wondering-when did everyone, and i mean everyone, become so cool? so avant garde with fashion and poise? the dresses over jeans...just another staple of the urban outfitters sub-culture, the cuffed jeans with mary jeans...just another basic dressing essential of a soriety girl shopping in between classes, the over-sized sunglasses that years ago i was scoffed and teased for...now, "what's hot". for nearly three years i have kindly stood by and watched my aberrance of style become a costume of cool for post-abercrombie and doonie and burke kiddies. i thought this fad would pass-that soon enough i could go back to the way things were: the style i so deviously stole from the danes and my russian. but three years later, at a bookstore for spoiled squares, i see it's much more worse than i thought.

it wouldn't be so appalling if the taint of poser wasn't so overt in intention, and i probably wouldn't be ranting like some pious elitist of cool if i too could afford every fad-but then again, who knows-maybe i would.

i know i don't mind that the once underground world of blogging is now made into newspaper's columns of interest, or that the once pride in being involved in something new and cutting edege has been exploited by many of those in the media in hope to compensate for trailing so far behind.

i don't mind that zach braff made a quirky-not-really-indie-trying-too-hard-to-be-poignant film that spoon fed the masses bands such as the shins and postal service because i liked that cheesy ass film and witnessing publicity for bands that deserve to have mtv show case their crib over 50 cent's.

i don't mind shows like the OC who do the same week after week because, again, i like that show and i like the thought of sales rising for bands who deserve to be known by more than a handful of other artists, the guys in the record store, and the musically apt.

and with all that stated, the funny thing is that i really like ashlee simpson.


Anonymous said...

if i was god, everyone who likes ashlee simpson would be damned automatically.

Missie Rose said...

i won't, and can't, object-to noble of a desire. just leave ashlee out of eternal damnation, if only for me.