Wednesday, December 08, 2004

concerning mankind: things i can't stand

-the use of um's and uh's in one's speech.
-over chatty women.
-men who walk like their on steroids.
-people who say they're ready to order then breeze the menu while you stand there, as if your not busy and the world revolves around them.
-people who try to seem intelligent. subtle intelligence(and ignorance) is a lost art if you ask me.
-unwarranted opinions and power trips.
-people not turning right in the right hand lane at a red light.
-people having conversations on their cell phones while hanging out with friends or in the car with someone else. my mother never allowed us to talk on the phone with another friend if we had a friend over and i think if more people would have had a mother as set on being proper and courtesies as mine, the world would be a better place.
-people with a basket over pouring with groceries in the 10 items or less lane.
-people with a basket over pouring with groceries in the 10 items or less lane who don't offer to let you, the person behind them with a pint of ice-cream and laundry detergent, go ahead of them.
-people who assume more than they don't; and people who make judgements about you, or who you are, without really knowing anything about you. geezes, i wish it was acceptable to stick my tongue out at such people.
-people who gossip as if they're not really gossiping.
-shady mechanics. i'm sick of men thinking they can prey on my wallet just because i'm a little girl,who in reality, doesn't really now that much about engines and brakes. but still, fcck you shady mechanic!
-liter bugs. ewhhhhhhhh, this subterranean species of mankind irks me the most. how hard is it to wait till your at the gas station to throw away the sack from arby's?!? come on now!
-loud people.
-children at nice restaurants.
-the mind set that: what the minority wills should over-power what the majority wills.

and on that i'll wink and wince.


EC said...

i like going through that list and counting all the ones i've seen you do on more than one occassion. :)

Missie Rose said...

i can't help it-you know as well as i do, that it's by doctors orders that i take those pesky steroids; and as far as sacks from arby's goes, well isn't french fries and plastic eco-friendly?!? whatever, fcck you! ;) hey, we found a place in soho, i believe, so in the event that you were spreading the word for us, never mind...for now. your duties now remain as a compadre for our week stint/adventure/extravagenza!!!

ny 2005 or bust!

Anonymous said...

Heh, how about people who drive slow in the fast lane. Like hello? there are four other lanes and you pick this one to go 65?!? never emailed me Michelle's cell #.
Send it to

Missie Rose said...

yah, no, those people are pretty slim o'earth as well, totally. unless it's an old person. i can never seem to get irritated or annoyed with old folks. i don't get it. them and puppies, serious soft spot i'm telling ya.

oh and by the way robbie g funk lightfoot, um...uh...hehehehehe.

EC said...