Monday, December 06, 2004

"big city missie"...?!?

for years i ate, drank, and slept the idea of moving somewhere else. dallas was mundane and i was over it, so i thought. but the day came, without warning, and i began to love-to understand, all this fine city had to offer; i began to feel like i belonged to a scene that wouldn't be the same without me--but mostly, i created some absolutely incredible "once in a lifetime" friendships.

i've never really understood the appeal of the suburbs, not for the life of me. while dallas may not be a mecca of the metropolitan lifestyle, it neverless has a certain mystical air of 'the city' to it. for example: we take cabs to
bars, we eat at restaurants with sous chefs, we shop at boutiques specializing in euro fashion, we walk our dogs on sunny days, we spend sunday mornings listening to live jazz while we enjoy brunch, we know good music and good wine, we read the new york times and love our starbucks, and we frequent touring art exhibitions. damnit, we are city-hear us roar!

and so, the thought of leaving all this behind is really difficult to fathom...but as it thought of living without jon.


i have have some seriuos thinking to do, obviously.


Michelle said...

I have come to find, throughout my travelings and comings and doings, that Dallas is great when you leave for a while. It becomes mundane when your stuck here. Leaving for a while always makes coming back grand! It would never be the same without it's Rose!!

Missie Rose said...

it won't will it?!? oh,'ll visit, right? and come august, we're going to have an epic going away party for me. i'm talking dj, catering, numerous kegs-the whole fity yards!