Monday, June 15, 2009

like all first kisses, there was eye lock, a hush in the air in fierce competition with the buzzing of an electrical appliance, a lunge, and then, alas, a big ol' wet slobber kiss that misses the mark and lands on the nose. except, it wasn't truman and mines first kiss, and as my memory did a little jogging back to recall this, i realized, i MUST START BLOGGING again.
truman is ten months, and to be quite honest, that's only a guess. i really don't know-i mean, i'm pretty sure, but stab me in the foot, because it's all a daze, from the first kiss months ago to the first time he sat up unassisted to the first time his thrusting on hands and knees actually propelled him forward on the floor. a dreamy like, give me caffeine and an extra two hours of sleep in the morning, daze.

conrad too. my word that little baby is a little boy now. almost three years old and toe to toe with three year old sort of behavior. he has kept that vigor for life and that gentle spirit displayed during infancy, the only difference now is, he knows how to speak his mind with great intensity. we've had a lot more challenging days than i ever would have anticipated 4 months ago, but i can't completely blame him for this-my patience has been at an all time low since jon started working 7 days a week two months ago, and i just haven't had the unction to tackle disciplinary situations the right way. ie, spankings done while still frustrated and lack of praise for good behavior. but despite this detour, he is, the most enjoyable child to be around-full of sweetness, silliness, curiosity, creativity, and farts. lord bless those farts of his, especially when wrestling and i get one right in the schnoozer.

one of my favorite parts of the time in our life right now is the interaction between the two brothers. i often let conrad feed truman in the highchair, he makes the airplane noises as the spoon full of mashed up mango dips and dives around trumans mouth, and truman acts as if it's the most wonderful thing in the world for his big brother to be feeding him. i've started to leave the room while there playing togather too because i've noticed this dialogue that happens when conrad thinks it's just the two of them; it's very sweet, full of great instruction and advice and encouragement for truman. truman just seems to be delighted his big brother pays attention to him, even if it comes in the form of being tackled to the ground.

and while today's blog was terribly vague, at least i'll have it documented, today was not our first kiss. some other day, i don't really remember, was.

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