Monday, May 21, 2007

Conrad, 10 months 1 week.
weight 21 lbs
height 30 inches
perfect, angelic, silly, fast, uber inquistive

conrad sleeping...

as you can see his crib has become home to a plithre of stuffed animals, aka wrestling foes/snuggle buddies.

conrad playing...and mesmerized, as usual, by the dangling camera strap.

t'shirt reads, "My Heart Belongs To Daddy". it's a lie, we both know it belongs to Me...Mommy.

conrad discovering...

...learning about how his index finger, when applied to the spout from whence the water came out, could control the water shooting out (he also discovered that day that he could push down the side and all the water would pour out onto the yard and from there, mud.)

conrad rock climbing...

no exaggeration. that little man really rock climbed, i simply kept my hands under his tushie in case he should loose footing.

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