Thursday, December 21, 2006

it's coming down in buckets. i had forgotten that it could; these texan rains are incredible, the only way it should rain. conrad is asleep in the guest bedroom we are calling home for the week. i keep poking my head in there to make sure the cat hasn't crawled up in bed with him looking for a snuggle buddy. which conrad would think was awesome. clover, thats the cat's name, has no concept of danger and so conrad has gotten a few swings at trying to pull his ears off his little head as well as with his tail. if it wasn't for me, he probably already would have. i remember instances with clover and my nephew caleb back when caleb was an ankle bitter himself: caleb would be clumisly walking around the house dragging a willing and frightened clover by his tail. that cat is one good sport but not too quick.

i'm in corpus for the week: a pre-christmas christmas holiday. we went to the beach the other day, it was conrad's first time to make it out of the car while at the beach. we had attempted it when he was just a few days old and my mother was visiting and while we, in turns, went to the beach conrad remained in his car seat snoozing away. this time around conrad experienced the waves crashing at his toes, the shadows of the seagulls flying above us, the breeze in his face, and the sand in between his toes. it was so fun to watch him flap his arms in great excitement and to squeal when the waves came crawling up the beach towards him and he literally did squish the sand in between his toes as the waves recedded. my dad wasn't there but when we relayed conrads apparrant affinity for the ocean my dad was stocked: alas, a male in his lineage he could mold into a beach bum after his own heart.

conrad is five months old. i can't believe it. i have these "love freakouts" as i like to call them when i, for lack of a better word, freakout at how much i love him. i'm sharing this because i'm about to have another one right now.

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