Monday, September 11, 2006

my sunshine, my only sunshine

one year ago you wouldn't have been able to pull me away from a night out with stephanie and free boozes, yet this past thursday i was wanting nothing more than to pull jeremy and myself away and down the road back to salem, back to little C. i realize just how much i've changed when what was comes face to face with what is: the social butterfly to the mother. an old aquaintance who has one on the way himself wondered if everything really does begin to seem sooo unimportant when the baby arrives and "more than that", i told him, "you wonder what priorities were before your child was born".

that same night conrad turned 7 weeks. we celebrated it with lunch on a patio in the hawthorne district, diaper changes in a tour bus, a bottle under a nice shaded tree, lots of new faces, being held by miss stephanie, and a million kisses from his mommy.

here are some pictures from our weekend. hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

My cousin was at the show in portland too!! Small world huh...I was too distracted by the baby to remember much else of the day however!
I see another weekend in the involves mark and I and a bed and breakfast, and you, me and conrad (who will no doubt be running ahead of us) and a few more hours in that area of Portland where we had lunch;) Till then mommy we will have to settle for a few hours in Houston...I need to call you about that by the way!