Monday, April 24, 2006

breathing, bright sun. penetrating, motivating a rush of blood to my toes. toes because the head is always rushing, blood or no blood; seeking for some movement, a supernatural error in divine order of the Laws. i've been waiting for spring for seven rainy disimal months and now the temptress is here! what shall i do today, and what shall i not?!? the bump limits, and rightly so- he is over seven months old and as so is in the forfront of every thought, every decision, every movement, and me. i'll rock climb here soon enough, i'll go rafting next time around, i'll drink every person i know under the table after the breastfeeding is over. i'm going to be a mommy. a mommy. wow. i have these stoner moments all the time- my mind tripping, blowing, expanding at one single thought. flippin flip!!!

i bought the new Lips albumn. my first purchase in toooo long. it's the Lips alright and that's about it. i'm glad i got it but i wish i would have waited to find that Delgado albumn instead. that is a gem. a real shiny one.

my weekend consisted of a friday night out with my honey, an excuriatingly boring day at work, the iron chef, french toast at dolly vardens, yard work, fishing up in the high mountains, a downtown ice cream walk, and laundry. jon entertains me, fulfills me.

but hot dog, my trip back home is nearly here!!! me and boo reunited. one day we will all live in san diego together and life will be that cherry up on top.

(i have tried to upload seven other pictures, i hope this one does for now sweet des.)


Jon and Des V. said...

Dude! I got so excited! Remember my promise of getting you a wedding present once I see pics! :)

Missie Rose said...

how about making sure i see you during my dallas trip. that would be an awesome present!

hey, what's up with your site? i wanna read and see more vacation stories/pics.

Jon and Des V. said...

Dude, I don't know... I'll tell Jon. Sweet! Let's get together, when? when?